Hypnotherapy- A Proper and Effective PTSD Treatment Option

PTSD– Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is not generally identifiable. The symptoms of PTSD can be very confusing and arbitrary. Such a condition can lead to severe anxiety and different physical effects starting from a pivotal experience or chain of experiences. It should be recognized that PTSD may be present in a person when he/she is not consciously recollecting a traumatic experience. Generally, such condition can be caused by terrifying events which a person is experiencing it or has witnessed the event.

Its symptoms may include severing anxiety, nightmare, and flashbacks. Sometimes you may suffer from unmanageable thoughts. It has seen that people who have gone through traumatic events feel difficulty in adjusting and coping, but with a perfect PTSD Treatment, you can deal with such condition. Getting effective treatment can greatly reduce symptoms and improve health condition. One of such effective treatment options for PTSD is the hypnotherapy.

How can hypnosis help PTSD patients?

  • Most of the doctor advice their patients who are suffering from PTSD to go for hypnotherapy. The reason behind this is it has been medically proved that hypnosis can develop some positive results in the individuals who have PTSD.
  • Many of the symptoms that PTSD patients face are quite similar to what happens during a hypnotherapy session.
  • People with PTSD respond to hypnosis quite effectively, and they can get access to their painful memories under professional therapist guidance. Through the hypnosis, good memories can be restructured to enhance PTSD treatment.
  • Many studies have been conducted until now to test such claims. One such study informed that treatment through hypnosis is one of the best and effective treatment options that others such as psychotherapy.

However, it will be better for you to consult with a doctor first before choosing any treatment options for your PTSD condition.

Evidence that has proved the efficiency of hypnotherapy

During 2005 to 2006, some doctors conducted a study to evaluate the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for PTSD treatment to other types of treatments.  Around seventy people had participated in the study. The doctors used treatment options like cognitive, behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy and counselling.

  • The results were quite interesting. The individuals who were treated with hypnotherapy had fewer PTSD symptoms five sessions after the treatment. But the individual who received only counselling had a higher level of PTSD related health issues.
  • Those who received the hypnotherapy also had reported that they had fewer incidences of re-experiencing the terrifying events in their life.
  • As per the study, those who are suffering from PTSD can show up to 95 per cent recovery after hypnotherapy PTSD treatment. For cognitive-behavioural therapy, the chances of recovery are 70 per cent, but for this one will have to go through 22 sessions.

So, it can be said that hypnosis can be used to enhance the lifestyle of the people who have PTSD symptoms. They can make their life normal with this. Besides, individuals with PTSD are easier to hypnotize. So, give yourself a try.

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